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Allegra Music

Allegra Music

Tilley Street, Coburg North VIC, Australia

Clarinet Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons | Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons

  • Qualifications: Bachelor or higher
  • Pricing: $70 per hr, $35 for 30 mins
  • Suitability: All ages and levels


Our teachers are all university educated, with either Jazz or Classical backgrounds (sometimes both!). They are all currently active in the music scene, playing locally and nationally, and have years of teaching experience.

Teaching Info

Why are we the fastest growing school in the northern suburbs? We teach our students to play the music they love, whether it be Bach, Bieber or James Brown. Progress in anything requires enthusiasm – that’s why we encourage our students to learn the music they ACTUALLY like to listen to. An enthusiastic student doesn’t need to be told to practice!
Not only do we customise the repetoire to the student, they also learn how to improvise, compose, are exposed to music of different genres and perform publicly at our bi-annual recitals.
Using a wealth of resources, our teachers deliver varied and interesting lessons in a fun and friendly environment.

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