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Ashley Davies

Ashley Davies

152 Greville Street, Prahran VIC, Australia

Drum Lessons | Artist development

  • Qualifications: 25 years teaching experience, 17 years drum teacher at Emerson School, played on 70 albums, performed with various artists in Australia and internationally, recorded for film and television soundtracks, Los Angeles College of Music-Drum Fundamentals cert 1 and 2, working with children check
  • Pricing: $75 - 1 hour, $40 - 1/2 hour CONCESSIONS AVAILABLE (STUDENT, COVID 19 ETC)
  • Styles: Drum Lessons are tailored to suit your needs and cover a wide range of topics including hand technique, rudiments, speed and endurance, feet technique, independence, co-ordination, groove and styles, thinking creatively, VCE studies, recording approach, live and session work, writing and arranging. Playing to music is also an integral part of the lesson and a great way to learn about arrangement, feel and dynamics
  • Suitability: beginner, intermediate, advanced.


Ashley Davies is a Performer/teacher drummer from Melbourne, Australia. He’s a highly sought after session musician having played on over 70 albums, recorded for film and television soundtracks, and performed with various artists in Australia and internationally. He has recorded and produced 6 albums and conceived 3 live theatre shows incorporating his own compositions.

“A lot more full and textured than your average drum clinic” -ROLLING STONE
“He of the in built rhythm, the drummer’s drummer” – RHYTHMS MAGAZINE

Teaching Info

There are many different methods on how to play drums but there are basic techniques, rudimentary studies and practices that all drummers should learn. No two drummers play the same. Some sit high, some low…which feet technique do you use…heel up/heel down, heel/toe or swivel. Which hand grip…Traditional or Match grip, and if Match grip is it French, German or American? All these practices work, what you have to do is find out what works best for you and i can help you with all of that.

The two crucial characteristics of a good drummer are technique and feel. Technique can be taught…feel can’t. You use technique, theory and rudiments applicable to the style of drums you want to learn to play and to give you control over your fingers, wrists, arms and legs. You practice technique so that it becomes second nature and you don’t have to think about it while you are playing. When you have mastered technique it frees your mind up to allow you to get into the sound of the grooves you are playing, to get in to the sound of the drums and bring out the feel of it, the music of it. Feel is the spark that defines the great drummers.

My drum lessons are about incorporating these ideas, concepts and practices. I teach that the drums are a musical instrument as well as percussive. I use rudimentary studies not just as exercises but as an essential part of drumming.

Playing drums is about playing music. Making the drums sound good makes the musicians you are playing with sound good, which makes the music you perform together sound even better. That can be a straight 4/4 or something really bent and crazy and anything between. I come from the “its not WHAT you play, its HOW you play it” school of thought.

TESTIMONIALS – Ash balances the simple pleasure of drumming with an extensive understanding of the instrument and its relationship with the human body to provide rewarding lessons. He teaches the fundamental techniques essential for any player to really groove, and when you’re ready to hone in on a particular style, he is fully equipped to dive deep. Reuben Maskell (Bachelor of the Arts – Music, Collarts)

My son met Ash as a 12 year old struggling with left handedness and technique issues that were starting to get in the way of his love for drumming.  Very quickly Ash identified what he wanted to achieve with drumming and set up a program that worked on the fundamentals as well as introducing new styles and challenges. One year ahead of expectation our son earned a coveted spot on the kit in one of his school’s jazz ensembles – a level higher than the one he auditioned for!  A lot of the credit must go to Ash’s rare blend of drumming and musical expertise, teaching prowess and his natural gift of just ‘getting’ where kids are coming from. We love Ash – could not have asked for a better teacher. kirby

Ash Davies is a terrific drum teacher with many years of experience. What I love about my lessons with Ash is not only the playing but how we have great conversations about drummers, drum books etc. his knowledge and passion for the instrument is truly inspirational. I have been an avid student of Ash’s for almost 10 years. I really look forward to our class each week. Ash is a great teacher who is patient and has been able to guide my studies according to my abilities and aspirations. Hazz (Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance)

As a producer and someone who is studying drumming to help with my work in the studio, Ash has taught me invaluable knowledge about music, feel and technique. I am always challenged yet never feel like I am out of my depth. He has greatly built my confidence as a musician and given me the skills and discipline I can apply to my music projects. Umut

My 14 year old son has been learning drums with Ash for over three years now. Ash’s methods and focus on “feel” are fantastic and he maintains a great rapport with his students, with an easy-going style that is great for young drummers. Prior to starting with Ash, my son was starting to plateau a bit with his drumming, but since moving to Ash, he hasn’t looked back and the improvements in his technique and capability speak for themselves. More importantly, he really enjoys his weekly session with Ash and happily treks across town each week, under his own motivation. Ash is a great player – a bit of his style / feel rubs off each week – and a great teacher. We couldn’t be happier with his tuition – Ash gets our highest endorsement. Dave, Moonee Ponds.

Do you have any favourite drummers? Or other musicians who inspire you? why? 
I’ve always been really bad at geeking out about drums and never looked up specific drummers which was pretty dumb of me. However I did idolise the shit out of the drummers that played in my High School bands before me. Also my first drum teacher, Tanya Cavanagh, always inspired me because she knew her shit and could make a living off drumming. And my last teacher Ash Davies because he was insanely creative and he played the drums like a melodic instrument.

Lilli Dunn (VCE, Sadults, Pistol Peaches)


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