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Green Tree Music

Green Tree Music

Walker Street, Clifton Hill VIC, Australia

Electric Bass Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons, Singing Lessons, Ukulele Lessons

  • Pricing: Group Lessons $25/30min || Solo Lessons $35/30min
  • Styles: Introductory Composed and Improvised Music (Pop, Jazz, Classical)
  • Suitability: Beginner/Intermediate, approximately 6-12yo.


Are you considering classical music lessons for your child, but concerned that they might not find it enjoyable and inspiring?
Are you looking for music lessons at a trusted community organisation?
Would you value the opportunity for your child to learn and make friends with other musical children, rather than just one-on-one with a teacher?

Collaborative and motivating music lessons at the Clifton Hill Scout Hall. Solo and group lessons on keyboard, guitar, ukulele and voice.

We’ve all heard of the incredible social and psychological benefits that solo music
lessons offer to children. But with us, students also have the opportunity to learn in a collaborative and motivating learning environment so that each child thrives off one another. Our innovative learning space brings students together at a similar skill level while also celebrating and encouraging their musical individuality.

An empathetic, enthusiastic and creative music community, our experience spans from metropolitan Melbourne to regional community schools.

Teaching Info

We prioritise group lessons because it allows students to interact with each other and learn together, rather than learning by themselves. In this setting, teachers can encourage students to work together to answer questions or create music. Teachers can also encourage students to listen to others in the group, learning from multiple perspectives rather than just their own. We also chose to run our lessons in a space with multiple rooms so that students have the chance to interact with students outside of their immediate lesson or instrument group.

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