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Lisa Perks (sing with ease)

Lisa Perks (sing with ease)

Black Rock VIC, Australia

Singing Lessons | Artist development, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: BA Hons Music
  • Pricing: 100-120 per hour
  • Styles: Jazz, Pop, Blues, Music Theatre, Rock - all contemporary!
  • Suitability: 14 - 100


I was born in London and emigrated to Australia in 2005. My performing career started as a young 12 year old, performing professionally in Music Theatre. At age 14 I was regularly singing on stage and in bands covering various musical genres including Rock, Soul, Blues, Music Theatre and jazz. I have experienced first hand, the challenges and rewards that come with a singing career.

After completing my degree in 2000 I was invited to teach on the Bachelor of Arts course at Colchester Institute, Music and Fine Arts for five years. While there, I helped develop the Singer/Songwriter program. It was here that I discovered my true passion was in helping others to sing better.

As I reached the age of 28 I started to notice my voice was not working as it had previously. Not only did this affect my vocal ability but it had a huge impact on my confidence. I was forced to rest my voice to save it from the years of poor technique and performing. It was at this time that I encountered Speech Level Singing and I had my first lesson with Maestro Seth Riggs.

That day changed my life forever and has led me to dedicate myself to mastering this technique and passing it on to my students. I now also plan to join another teaching association, ViP (Vocology in Practice) – this is an organisation of teachers worldwide who are dedicated to keeping up behind the science of singing.

Since living in Melbourne I’ve been privileged to host international workshops and work with some unbelievably gifted singers. Watching them develop as artists and gain confidence with their voices has given me so much enjoyment – I simply LOVE my job, and would be honoured to help anyone become the singer they want to be!

Teaching Info

Private singing sessions are by appointment only – please call early to avoid disappointment.

Plan to spend an hour with me the first session, shorter sessions can be arranged as needed.

Our first sitting allows me to assess the condition of your voice. I’m looking for breaks, strain, weakness, range, uneven breath, missing notes, and so on. Also to find out EXACTLY what you are wanting from lessons.

Combined with your own interpretation of the problem, I can then map a strategy of techniques to help you achieve your goals.

We also spend time on styling or performance techniques if you want. I can also advise on production and songwriting.

Every session is recorded on CD or on your phone so you can review and reflect and practice in your own time.

Please bring either backing tracks or lead sheets.

If you play piano or guitar, you can accompany yourself during the sessions. While my own piano skills are limited, I play along with a chord chart/lead sheet.

Please feel free to call to discuss your needs!

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