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Nick Crowley

Nick Crowley

Northcote VIC, Australia

will travel to you please enquire.

Guitar Lessons | Electric Bass Lessons | Artist development, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons

  • Qualifications: Nick has been playing guitar for fifteen years.
  • Pricing: $50 - $70
  • Styles: Blues, Pop, Rock, Folk, Songwriting
  • Suitability: All ages and levels of ability welcome.


I am a guitarist who plays in a number of bands around Melbourne. I think playing music should be fun and I strive to ensure that my students, first and foremost, build up skills that enable them to enjoy playing and writing music.

There isn’t one way of playing and learning the guitar. Different approaches and different focuses work for different students, so I try to find ways of teaching that play to students strengths and resonate with their own particular learning style. I’m not a stickler for technique or musical theory – I believe that technique and musical theory are tools which enable musicians to achieve their goals, not ends in themself. Hence, I only go into theory and technique if it’s relevant to what the student is trying to achieve. That being said, if students want to come in for a session focused on musical theory this is something I am happy to do as I do enjoy nerding-out about musical theory!

I believe that the two most enjoyable aspect of playing guitar is playing with other people and creating ones own music. Therefore, unlike traditional approaches to musical pedagogy, I encourage students to play duets, write their own riffs and improvise even when they are beginners as I think this cultivates a love of music which motivates students to improve their craft.

That being said, I want to know what my students are seeking to get out of the lessons and I am happy to tailor sessions to students’ self-defined musical goals.

By day, I am a social worker who works at an autism NDIS provider. I welcome neuro-divergent students and students who might be working through mental health issues – I believe that music can be a very useful part of ones self-care toolkit and I love working with people to help them use music as a way to better their general wellbeing.

Teaching Info

My sessions are generally quite casual and informal. I like to let students lead the session as much as possible. I am not qualified to teach students who are wanting to work toward passing exams – I prefer students who are looking to start playing in bands, write their own songs or get into playing for their own enjoyment. I generally start the session by offering students a tea or a coffee, then we discuss what the goals for the session are and then we get to work

I generally don’t teach from handbooks or sheet music – I prefer to teach songs by giving students tablature and by encouraging them to listen closely to recordings of songs to pick up the rhythm and melody.



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