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Rebekah Luisse

Rebekah Luisse

Inner City Melbourne

Singing Lessons | Piano Lessons

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music
  • Pricing: Piano and Singing lessons from $35
  • Styles: Classical and Contemporary
  • Suitability: This studio has students of all ages and abilities. Beginners are warmly welcomed.


Award winning voice and piano teacher with over 20 years teaching experience here and abroad. Training in Italy, London and Germany. Worked with internationally respected teachers and coaches from such schools as Juilliard, Oberlin, Hannover, Cherubini and Accademia della Lyrica, Pisa.
Students of this studio are of all ages and are successful members of bands, choirs, ensembles, theatre companies, performers at local and national festivals, and singers and pianists who just want to have fun!
All levels are warmly welcomed.

Teaching Info

This studio acknowledges students as individuals.  No specific ‘method’ or ‘system’  determines the structure of lessons. Every lesson is conducted organically from the perspective of the student.

A healthy or reliable ‘technique’ is always in a state of change. It is not a ‘thing’ or a static set of rules that must be followed, but is constantly evolving and or adapted according to who we are as a human being.  Sometimes, we have no choice but to refine or alter our ‘technique’ in order to remain singing or playing our instrument! Django Reinhardt, Kirsten Flagstad and Tony Lommie are just a few examples of musicians that would have been entirely lost to the music world had they not altered their way of playing and forged a new pathway.

Taking lessons may sometimes involve observing our own habits or patterns; especially if they are blocking our musical self-expression. For example, it could be a tension in the shoulders that flows into the wrist making it difficult to play a fast passage, or a lack of power or flexibility when we sing because of the way we are using our breath.  Creating alternatives allows for flexibility in our approach. The result? More of you and your individuality.

People that influence my teaching:

Ms Anna Connolly, Ms Anne Adamek, Ms Monica Laczofy, Ms Francesca White (my own teachers)

Thoroughly useful articles, links and books:

Maria Joao Pires: Technique?


Stephen Austin: Provenance-Historical Vocal Pedagogy through a Contemporary Lens

Barry Green: The Inner Game of Music

Norman Doidge: The Brain that Changes Itself

Daniel Barenboim: Parallels and Paradoxes and Everything is Connected







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