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Jacinta Percy – The Sound Weaver

Jacinta Percy – The Sound Weaver


Singing Lessons | Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, VCE Music Exam Preparation

  • Qualifications: 12 years of private singing, vocal and music tuition, Estill Level Training: 1 & 2
  • Pricing:
  • Styles: All music genres and styles - uncovering the natural voice
  • Suitability: All languages and ages welcome, from beginners to professionals


Jacinta Percy is a Singing and Music Teacher, Facilitator and Performer. She provides Music Lessons and Sound Workshops in Melbourne, Australia.


Jacinta’s love affair with the voice, sound and music began as a wee babe, with Richard Clayderman being the only medicine that would lull her to sleep. It was an inevitable journey with a piano playing songstress for a grandmother and a great great aunt, dubbed “Queen of the Irish Song”, in her family lineage.

Her deep love and passion for voice, sound and music have led her over the past 15 years to perform and work with profound teachers in Australia, Europe, Israel and India, crisscrossing genres from Classical to Jazz, Folk to Improvisation, Dhrupad to Carnatic.

Her deep knowledge of her own voice, her open heart and listening ear, allows her to facilitate with a gentle grace that allows others to uncover what they are seeking.

Her belief that we all need to sing, sing with courage, sing with joy, sing to mama earth, uncover our greatness and shine forth our potential into the world is what inspires her to share her love and passion too all.

Teaching Info

Everyone can sing!

Our voices are the most extraordinary musical instruments. I am passionate about creating a space for you to discover and fall in love with your honest expression and unique voice.

My approach to singing is holistic. I invite you to free your natural voice by exploring your breath, mind, body and heart through vocal exercises, meditation, movement, song and sound.

From this foundation, there is freedom to follow your curiosities and sing the music you love.

My role is to support you to let go of your inhibitions and guide you to explore vocal freedom so that you can connect to your true sound.

All music genres, languages and ages welcome, from beginners to professionals. Small group lessons available e.g. duo and a trio.

Private lessons held at my studio in Northcote.

What you can explore in your private lessons:

Singing & Vocal Training

• Songs – All Genres and Languages
• Songwriting
• Scales and Music Theory
• Sight Reading
• Improvisation
• Breath Work
• Movement Practices
• Vocal Anatomy and Physiology
• Meditation and Relaxation Exercises
• Vocal Sound Journeys
• Sound and Voice Therapy
• Vocal Health and Repair

• Sound Weaving – deep dive self-exploration through meditative singing and sounding

Performance Techniques

• Performance Skills – authentic connection with your audience, storytelling through song, transforming nervous energy, projection, body language etc.
• Audition Preparation
• Acting Monologues
• Poetry and Spoken Word
• Microphone Techniques


• Vocal Meditations
• Woman’s Chants and Songs
• Kirtan – call-and-response devotional chants
• Mantra

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