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Dan Sax Music

Dan Sax Music

613 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

Piano Lessons | Keyboard Lessons | Artist development, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons

  • Pricing: $50/hour, first lesson half-fee
  • Styles: Most contemporary music; pop, rock, indie, folk, some jazz, classic rock etc etc
  • Suitability: 16 and above


Note: my lessons are not geared to making you a great piano player, we’ll be skipping many of the skills and exercises traditionally taught to beginner keys players. My lessons are focused on a very specific set of goals and skills: basically, to make the piano a tool you can use in a contemporary musical setting… for performance, songwriting, basic accompaniment, and for producers who want to expand their musical skill-set and knowledge… But we’ll be going way past the C, G, F, Am paradigm lol. For example I use a lot of jazz tunes and transitions to teach keys.

I’m Dan, I’m a mostly self taught multi-instrumentalist, from drums to oud (look up if you don’t know), violin, guitar, and piano.

I’ve only received formal training in oud and violin. I don’t read very well, but my theory is very strong.

I’ve taught piano and guitar in several primary schools in Sydney. But the piano I taught in this setting was very, very basic intro to piano for ten year-olds. Not what we’ll be doing.

I’m not a great pianist, but what I can do is enough for what I need as a performer and songwriter, while still going way beyond the C, F, G, Am paradigm. There is a sweet spot in the middle of this C, F, G, Am-standard on the one hand, which a lot of producers settle for, and serious piano on the other, and it’s in this sweet spot that I teach.

We’ll be doing fast-tracked keys. A shortcut to getting decent enough that you can use the piano for songwriting, performance and production, which is what I was forced to do due to a wrist injury that stopped me from playing guitar.

This does not mean it will be easier. It just means I prioritise learning specific skills, as opposed to a complete study of the piano.

But, for example, I still make scales and arpeggio exercises a thing because they are essential.

Ultimately, my lessons are designed to get you practicing the right stuff on your own…

Teaching Info

We’ll start with a phone call and establish your goals and your skill level and see if we’re a fit.

First half-fee lesson will consist of assessing your skills and your theory knowledge, and basically we’ll take it from there.

My lessons are ultimately designed to teach you what you need to practice and do on your own to achieve proficiency.

If you prefer lessons at yours I can do so in the Melbourne area for a flat $20 extra.

On my website I’ve uploaded a few common piano covers beneath my originals to hear what my playing typically sounds like. My playing style is definitely in the accompaniment style, to be played with a singer/band, not solo style.

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